Non-Stick Coatings for Baking Pans

Our industry proven DuraShield® technology provides the world’s longest release life and world’s best release characteristics. This proprietary non-stick coating consistently delivers up to twice the number of releases of other coatings currently on the market.

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The Best Coating

Just how many releases can you get with DuraShield® coating? We guarantee a minimum of 3,000 releases on most products, but have documented over 5,000 releases at some of the world’s leading bun bakeries. In addition to an unprecedented number of releases, your bakery will also experience excellent dough flow characteristics and a more consistent bake. And when it’s time to depan your product, DuraShield® coated pans require little or no compressed air.


The Responsible Coating

DuraShield® coating is certified to be PFOA Free. Beyond our commitment to the environment, Bundy is committed to providing value to our consumers. We have developed proprietary technology that effectively removes tired pan coatings. We then recoat with our durable and long-lasting DuraShield® non-stick pan coating, greatly extending the life of any pan.


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